Because every shirt we sell is made to order, we can't offer returns/exchanges (we don't have a huge warehouse to store the exchanged shirts in). So, before you order, make sure you have the right product, size, and color selected. We’ve got a size chart for every product, a “WHAT’S MY SIZE?” size guide, and most importantly, several ways to reach us (Instagram, Contact form, email)...we'll find the absolute BEST fit. If you have a size issue but never contacted us, we can't offer a return/refund.

We can offer returns/exchanges when we mess up. Shirt doesn't match the size chart? Print is bad? Hole in the shirt? Completely wrong shirt? Hit us up.

Make a mistake on your order? Contact us ASAP. While we can't guarantee we will be able to catch your order in time to make the change, we really do try.  The best place to get a quick reply is either on Instagram or:


🚨 We need to hear about any issues within 30 days. If you placed your order over 30 days ago and are just now telling us about an issue, our ability to help will be limited.



Somewhat common scenarios we see that we can't provide refunds for:

💀 Returned to Sender - We've shipped quite a few shirts by now. If your package gets returned to us (typically by USPS), we've found that the fault usually lies with:

1. The person who typed in the shipping address (80%)

2. USPS (15%)

3. Us (5%)

We will always pay for the package to be re-shipped to you if it was our fault. Statistically however, fault lies with whoever typed in the shipping address (this may mean you 😱 ). Most often, it's a forgotten unit number, an incorrect zip code, or a recent change of address that USPS was not made aware of in time. THE HOPE in any of these scenarios is that USPS will RTS (Return to sender) the package, where we can then have you pay the fee that we pay to USPS to send it back out to you (we don't make money on this). The worst outcome here is that your package is successfully delivered by USPS because the address may well have been valid, but you don't live there anymore. In that scenario, we hope that the person who ended up getting the shirt loves it, and then you get in touch with us, where we can figure out how to get you a new one. Anyway, the moral of the story here is just make sure your shipping address is right, okay? 

💀 Apple Pay - notorious for allowing you to make a purchase without realizing it. About once every few months, someone will say "I never meant to order this, refund me" with their order sitting on their front porch. As you know, we can't simply return that order and stock it on our nonexistent warehouse shelves. Thus, be careful using Apple Pay. It's also notorious for using whatever address you have stored on it, which can sometimes be your ex's place, who doesn't even like Dead Threads (obviously reason why you broke up with them). Remember to check the shipping address fam.

💀 Providing a Hotmail email address - they consistently mark our confirmation emails as "Junk." Check your Junk/Spam folder if you use Hotmail. After you do that, make a Gmail account.

If you check either of these boxes - you've been warned! We cannot cover refunds if you didn't realize you purchased with Apple Pay, or see the confirmation order to your Hotmail email address.